About us

Seamless CMS is a small collective of open source software and Drupal enthusiasts. Together we have created Seamless CMS and the range of modules that are available for Drupal and Backdrop CMS.

The modules originate from back in the days of Drupal 6, when Ubercart was the go to  e-commerce solution. The original module was developed on behalf of the Permaculture Magazine, in order to collect quarterly, annual and biennial subscription payments.

Since then it has undergone a series of evolutions, through Ubercart for Drupal 7, to Commerce for Drupal 7, and then Drupal 8 and 9. The most recent develpment has been to port the D7 Ubercart version into Backdrop CMS. With each step in the module's evolution, the code base has impoved and expanded.

In 2018 Seamless CMS was established as a Partner of GoCardless. As a partner, GoCardless pays Seamless CMS 10% of the fees that they collect from client websites (about 0.1% of transactions). This arrangement does not cost client sites or end users any extra, but provides us with a modest income stream to ensure that the module is well maintained, and that we respond efficiently to security issues, support, and feature requests.

So please give our modules a try and if you like them, please encourage others to do the same.